Partnerships and Initiatives


 Vermont Department of Health Combined Community Grant: Caring Communities and the Franklin Grand Isle Tobacco Prevention Coalition through its fiscal agent Northwestern Medical Center (NMC) are collaborating on a three-year grant to prevent/reduce alcohol use, promote physical health, and prevent/reduce tobacco use. This grant focuses on environmental strategies. Our strategies include:

Strategy 1: Education on Policy Approaches: Local policies restricting/limiting alcohol advertising and Education on Policy Approaches: Local policies restricting alcohol in public places/at public events. Partners include: St. Albans City, St. Albans Town, Enosburg Falls, and Swanton Village and Town.

Strategy 2: Enhance Law Enforcement: Stop Teen Alcohol Risk Team, originally funded through an Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, continues under this grant. Caring Communities works with the Vermont State Police, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office (FSCO), Swanton Village Police Department, St. Albans Police Department, the Department of Liquor Control, the Department of Health, Franklin County Court Diversion, and the State’s Attorney’s Office to patrol for underage drinking parties and educate parents about risks related to hosting underage drinking in their homes or on their property.

Strategy 3: Guiding Good Choices(TM): Parent education on prevention with 9-14 year-olds. Guiding Good Choices helps parents understand substance use in their community, develop a family policy on substance use, communicate more effectively, help their children avoid substances while keeping their friends, manage family conflict, and engage their children positively in family decision-making and responsibilities. In the 2016-17 school year, partners include schools, libraries, and health centers in Richford, Alburgh, St. Albans, and Swanton.

Healthy Communities: Caring Communities is a proud member of RISE VT and collaborates with NMC/Healthy Communities on physical activity/nutrition initiatives that include

Strategy 1: Mixed use development

Strategy 2: Promotion of bike/walk/active transport infrastructure, access to parks, recreation, and open spaces

Strategy 3: Access to Healthy Food: Healthy Roots initiative, housed at Northwestern Medical Center.

Rocking Horse Circle of Support is a 10-week program developed by the Vermont Department of Health for pregnant and parenting women who are affected by substance use and addiction.  It focuses on women’s self-care, relationship and communication skills, stress management, planning for the future, and parenting strategies. Caring Communities staff co-facilitates Rocking Horse with Sue Powers, LADC, under the auspices of HowardCenter; Turning Point of Franklin County provides a welcoming, hospitable space for sessions. Click here for information about upcoming classes.


Tyler Greeno’s family established the Tyler Greeno Fund in 2014 to honor their son, who died in an automobile wreck after having achieved three years of sobriety. The purpose of the Tyler Greeno Fund: Support/create/nurture a sense of belonging within the community served by MVU through a small grant process that focuses on positive community involvement. The Tyler Greeno fund will support drug-free community initiatives that create a network of support where people can establish positive relationships and a develop sense of belonging and wellness. Caring Communities acts as the administering organization for this fund.


Friends for Lunch: Caring Communities/Watershed Mentoring and  St. Albans City School collaborate on a successful in-school mentoring initiative, “Friends for Lunch.” Friends for Lunch serves children in grades 1-4.

Swanton Royal Lunch Bunch: Swanton School and Caring Communities/Watershed Mentoring are continuing collaboration on a school-based mentoring program begun during the 2013-14 school year for children in grades 1-5.

Cornerstone Mentoring: We are partnering with the Cornerstone Community Center in Richford to offer a site-based after-school mentoring program in collaboration with Richford Elementary School.

Caring Communities is also a proud supporter of Front Page Forum in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties. Front Page Forum helps neighbors connect online about issues of interest in their community.




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