Stop Teen Alcohol Risk Team (START)

STARTSTART is a collaborative effort of Franklin and Grand Isle law enforcement that aims to reduce underage substance use, especially alcohol use, through enforcement of underage drinking laws.

START conducts party patrols, compliance checks, and education of property owners and businesses regarding the minimum legal drinking age and laws and legal penalties for serving minors.



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Rocking Horse Circle of Support for moms affected by addiction


R U a mom coping with substance     abuse?

R U looking for support from other moms?

…what are you waiting for?

Join the Rocking Horse Circle of Support!

Some of the things that we’ll talk about…

  • Nurturing ourselves and our families
  • Taking a look at how substance abuse impacts our children and families
  • Improving family communication
  • Making health friendships and relationships
  • Enhancing parenting skills
  • Developing healthy habits and self-confidence

Can I bring my young children?

Yes! Childcare is provided on site. Please let us know in advance if you require childcare.

Will there be others there that have had substance abuse impact their life?

You bet, substance abuse impacts all of our lives whether we have issues with it ourselves, a partner, a family member, or a friend.

What does it cost?

There is no fee for this group plus refreshments and gifts are provided at each meeting!

When is it? How do I find out more?

CALL PAM at the HOWARD CENTER @ 524-7265 ex 3

To see the curriculum, click on Rocking Horse Curriculum Session Fall 2016 St Albans.
To download the registration form, click registration form 2016 copy


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Guiding Good Choices™ works!

How can you improve parenting skills, help families become closer, and guide young people away from drug use and other problem behaviors?

Guiding Good Choices™ is the premier, research-based drug-prevention program for parents of children ages 9-14. This nationally recognized, proven-effective program gives parents the skills they need to help reduce or prevent substance abuse and other problem behaviors in their children — all in just five 2-hour workshops.

For a free online preview including an introductory video and pages from the Workshop Leader’s Guide (in English and Spanish) and Family Guide (in English and Spanish), go to:

Franklin County Caring Communities offers Guiding Good Choices™. Click here to register for upcoming classes in different locations or contact us at 527-5049 for more information.

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Green Up Day gives insight into substance use behavior

Green Up Day: We’re committed to a healthy and clean environment, inside and out! In addition to cleaning up refuse from our highways and by-ways, Green Up Day is a great opportunity to get a snapshot of what’s going on with high-risk alcohol, tobacco, and drug use in our communities.

How it works: We hope you can help us collect information about the number of alcohol containers, tobacco products, and other drug paraphernalia you collect or observe while cleaning up. Please print out our attached Green up day alcohol tally sheet to help keep track. You can return information to us through your local organizers or directly via email, fax, or the US Postal Service.

Caution: Ask your community organizers what the protocol is for handling illegal drug paraphernalia. In general, if you see needles, baggies with powdery residue, or suspicious-looking bottles that could be methamphetamine containers, we advise you not to pick them up but make a note and notify your town organizers so they can have these items collected safely.

What we do with the information: Alcohol and other drug containers on the roadways may mean that people are drinking and driving, or that teens are consuming alcohol or using drugs during “mobile” parties. That’s extremely high-risk use and puts the user, his or her passengers, other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians in danger. We share the information with your town officials and our partners in law enforcement and encourage attention to high-traffic areas. We also use the information to raise awareness among the public. It’s very helpful to be able to say that 100 beer cans or bottles were found on a stretch of road—possibly 100 instances of unsafe driving that could be averted by a combination of parental supervision, public education, compliance checks, local policies and ordinances that address furnishing alcohol to minors, and road patrols.

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Substance use research and resources

Resources for understanding addiction: This site has a bunch of down to earth information. There are many links within the site. This site offers a good way to start conversations about how we are conditioned and manipulated by events in our world. takes a look at societal influences on addiction. Can be a good conversation starter to raise awareness of the world around us.


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