Vermont Teen Institute

Teen Institute 2023 June 26 - July 1st  

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Our youth leadership program empowers high school students to transform their schools and communities.

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“Nothing about us without us” is what teens tell us.

Franklin County Teen Institute is a youth leadership program that equips high school students with the skills, knowledge, support, and passion to make positive changes in their schools and communities.

Our Impact
Moses’ story exemplifies just how critical positive connection, empowerment, and youth engagement are when promoting the well-being of our young people and preventing substance use. Read Moses’ story, courtesy of The United Way:

Read Moses' Sto

The Program

Teen Institute students and their advisers come together for a week in the summer to learn about health, wellness, and each other.

Then they spend the year working to improve their schools and communities through a variety of student-led activities ranging from peer education on substance abuse prevention to peer support in overall physical and mental wellness.

Get Involved

Teen Institute is an unforgettable experience for its members, forming lasting friendships and inspiring local action.

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